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We see many different house paint colours, whether its an exterior white paint or dining room painted red, every client selects their paint colour based on personal preference. How much do one’s emotions and personality dictate how they select paint colours? At Qpaint we regularly paint the exterior of beautiful Queenslanders and the interiors. Our Brisbane customers looking to refresh their home with an interior paint job love the selection of paints we offer. Personal taste is usually reflected in peoples colour choice, and just like emotions, colours have different meanings.

It helps to understand how colour meanings and their social psychology is tied together when thinking about a new paint colour.


Known by most as the colour of romance and passion, red also signifies confidence, ambition and determination. The colour red signifies self-confidence and is an energizing colour. It can promote people to put ideas into action and stimulates brain activity. Red is also associated with strong emotional feelings such as arousal, anger, compassion and the colour even promotes the release of adrenaline when people are exposed to it. Appetites and smell senses are heightened in the presence of red also. Rooms that can benefit from red paint might be kitchens and dining rooms.



Yellow is an optimistic colour and people who love this bright colour are optimists that want everyone around them to feel happy. Bright yellow is an energetic colour, brimming with happiness and warmth. Paler yellow shades represent wisdom and intellect, the colour helps concentration and critical thinking. Colour psychology says yellow is a colour that helps depression and can even bring on a hungry appetite. Yellow paint colour may be a great choice for kids bedrooms, study/office areas and kitchens.


Blue is a tranquil colour and for those that consider blue a favourite, it means they are optimistic and a bit of a dreamer. Associated with responsibility, relaxation, loyalty, justice and communication, blue in all its shades can have many effects on people. From improving decision-making skills and promoting productivity, this colour is great for workplaces and home offices. The colour has been proven to even lower blood pressure and decrease rapid breathing. Use blue paint in rooms that you want a relaxing vibe in such as bedrooms, bathrooms and family rooms.


A colour strongly associated with nature, green is a healing and protective colour. People who love green are calm and centered often drawn to healing professions. Hospitals employ green to have a relaxing effect on patients and like blue, green also lowers blood pressure, anxiety and depression. Green interior paint is a good choice for bedrooms, living rooms and home theatres. Dark green shades denote wealth and power, and are great for financial offices like banks or real estate offices.


Pink is a colour of celebration and if you love pink it says you have a strong compassion for others. Light shades of pink promote a calming feeling and are associated with sweetness. Very pale pink can bring on lethargy and confusion, so should be avoided in rooms used daily.  Colour psychology tells us that pink is calming, reassuring and can decrease feelings of aggression. A colour that represents unconditional love it is great as an accent colour with white in girls bedrooms or guest rooms.


This colour is representative of magic, royalty, romance, theatre and peace. Purple is good in art spaces or preschool aged kids spaces as it promotes creativity, imagination, and kindness. Studies have also proved the colour purple relieves migraine tension and suppresses appetites.


Black is thought of as mysterious and secretive, and people who love black are known to make decisions based on emotion, not logic. Black combined with white is a great balance as white brings light and openness whilst black accents balance this with its sharp definition and protection of negative energy (according to the colour meaning experts).


Gold is a colour that thanks to earth’s precious gold metal is associated with wealth, prestige and ambition.


Silver is also a prestigious colour but rather that the opulent and outwardly prestige that gold brings, silver is more introspective. People who prefer silver are thought to be quiet and thoughtful of others.

Understanding colour meanings and psychology can be a great tool when deciding on what colour to paint rooms. Our team at Qpaint have a wealth of experience in interior painting, we have painted with every colour of the rainbow! Mixing and matching colours can not only look great but maybe even with the employment of colour psychology techniques get your kids to sleep easily at night!


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