Timber Deck Restoration
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Timber Deck Restoration Brisbane

QPaint offers deck sanding, finishing, repair and maintenance for Brisbane homes or businesses. The experts for over 40 years. Add years of life to your deck and keep it in top condition with regular deck maintenance.

Entertaining decks are a mainstay in most Brisbane and Gold Coast homes these days. An indoor/outdoor lifestyle makes the most of the beautiful Queensland climate. Commonly a deck has high foot traffic and can suffer wear and tear from use and the climate. Keeping up regular deck restoration work will ensure your deck lasts for decades.

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Deck Maintenance and Restoration Brisbane

QPaint services Brisbane and Gold Coast suburbs and have been established for over 40 years. Our deck restoration experience can’t be beaten. The team understands the Queensland climate and will prepare your deck to last under the sunshine.

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Creating Beautiful Homes for People to Come Home to Everyday

We have a professional and friendly team who are highly skilled and hardworking. We are readily available at all times for any questions you may have.

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How Much Will it Cost?

Regular deck maintenance and cleaning will keep your deck in tip-top shape. This means coating and staining, plus prep work. Usually, deck restoration comes with two options;

  • Cleaned and prepped for staining or recoating with the same product
  • Commercially prepared and sanded plus staining or painting

QPaint will sand and prepare the deck area to clean timber ready for recoating. If not prepared correctly, the recoating will be patchy and uneven. Prep work includes checking for nails incorrectly placed, or rusted nails and deck moisture. Plus the timber structure and timber planks. Decks should have domed nails below the surface, steel nails pinched with nail guns often need attention. Because natural moisture will cause the nails to rust and rot the surrounding timber. If left untreated this will cause major damage and need expensive repairing. Therefore, we make sure your deck is great shape and ready for recoating.

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Deck Restoration Quote

At Qpaint we can come out and look at the condition of your deck and discuss what work needs to happen. Our quote is free and we also can advise you on whether you need a professional deck restoration or if you can get away with staining yourself. Of course, if you would like all deck work to be done by us we can set up a deck maintenance service for you.

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What’s the Best Deck Stain to Use

Qpaint only uses the best products and we select the right one for your deck. Different conditions of the deck will dictate what product is going to be best. This is another reason for getting a professional in can end up saving you money. As you will not have to stain or recoat the deck as often. Using the right product will last longer and protect the wood from the elements and high foot traffic.

Our service also includes indoor wood floor restoration such as sanding and coating of both new and old timber flooring. Plus timber balustrades.

Contact Qpaint for a no obligation free quote and advice on deck restoration Brisbane.

Our Team

We have a professional and friendly team who are highly skilled and hardworking. We are readily available at all times for any questions you may have.

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QPaint is Brisbane’s Painting Contractor of choice. We are committed to providing a trustworthy service you can count to show up on time and deliver a high-quality interior paint job.

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