Can Cladding be Painted?

Can Cladding be Painted?

Can you paint cladding and should you paint cladding? If your home’s exterior is cladding and it needs some sprucing up maybe it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. Typically exterior cladding deteriorates over time. We have painted many homes were vinyl cladding was used because it is a low maintenance product compared to timber. But eventually most people we know end up painting it because it either becomes faded looking and worn out or they want to make the colour scheme more modern. 

Weatherboard cladding needs proper attention and preparation before painting such as sanding etc and must be painted correctly to protect the timber. Other cladding can include rendering, stone veneer or even aluminium. At Qpaint we have a lot of experience in exterior house painting on all sorts of surfaces. So no matter the cladding material we can paint it!

Sometimes people opt for installing a vinyl cladding instead of house painting thinking it may be cheaper or save on future house painting costs, but be aware that often cladding will need a coat of paint eventually and is not a way of never painting the exterior. PVC or vinyl cladding will fade over time and need a coat of paint. Plus if your cladding is looking dated a fresh coat of paint gives your home a whole new look. 

The Right Painting Techniques for Cladding

It’s really important that the correct painting techniques and products are used on cladding. The paint works to protect the surface as well as the visual appeal. Protecting the outside of your home from environmental factors like heat and sun ensures the paint lasts longer and looks better. 

Cladding is often used on exteriors as a finishing material to protect the building, on the outside if homes here in Brisbane it’s usually a Timber cladding however over the last decade there has been a significant increase in Compressed Fibre Cement products and Renderl. Steel cladding is more often used on commercial buildings or office buildings. Every type of cladding needs specific painting products and skill sets, so it’s important to use an experienced painter like Qpaint to make sure you protect your asset. Painting the cladding will extend its life and keep it protected – so yes you can and should paint your cladding.

Each type of cladding requires a particular application and technique when being painted, it’s a painting job that really needs an experienced exterior house painter. If you use an application method that is not suitable to the substrate, you will more than likely be left with a finish that is not going to look any good and potentially not last and fail far sooner than it should. Costing you a lot more in the long run because of prematurely repainting it again.

Exterior paint jobs done correctly can increase the value of your home. 

Virtual Quote for House Painting

We can provide you with a virtual quote over the phone meaning we do not have to visit your property to provide a price for painting your home. See here for more info on virtual quotes.

virtual home painting quotes

Virtual Quotes

How can you still get painting quotes and reduce your exposure to people to Zero…!!

Since the floods in 2001, we have been using technology in our business to assist owners of rental properties or new properties have not settled yet that want painting quotes but have limited access to the property.

At QPaint, we’ve called these ‘Desk Top’ Quotes.

However, the current situation that has arisen due to COVID 19, we have expanded this fast and useful service to any clients that still want a quote, however, want to maintain the isolation of themselves and their families.

Since it’s 2020 we have introduced a new name for this service…we are calling them Virtual Quotes. These can be done in several ways.

First of all, we schedule a suitable time for me and you to discuss what you would like to have painted. I am the owner of QPaint and a QBCC Licensed and Fully Qualified Painter with over 20 years’ experience…so you’ll be in good hands.

  1. If you are a little tech savvy and/or have access to Facetime, Skype or other video streaming via your phone, you can walk me through your painting job.
  2. Or you can text or email photos of what you would like to have painted.

Depending on whether its an Exterior, Interior or Roof Restoration painting project, in most cases with the address I can use our various online platforms to calculate floor areas, roof dimensions and sometimes old pre-existing photos that were taken during any sales over the years.

I will enter all the information into our cloud base quoting system that will generate the painting quote. You will receive the quote (via email) while you are on the phone to discuss, review or even accept if you like.

To use this service simple go to our Free Quote page and request one today. We’ll be in touch to book in a time but instead of me coming out to visit you, I will just call you at the agree time and quote via one of the options above.

Look forward to Virtually meeting you soon…:)


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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Colour for Your Home Exterior

It can be a daunting task to make sure you choose the right paint colour when updating the exterior of your home. After all, it defines your home for at least 10 years or more. It is so important to paint your home the right colour. Tips for choosing the right paint colour come from our vast experience and knowledge of painting in Brisbane. We know all the trends and the next big trend in paint colours. It’s our business! At Qpaint we have over 40 years of experience in painting Brisbane homes and we understand how stressful paint choices can be for homeowners so we have put together these 5 tips to help you make the best paint colour choice. 

Tip number 1: What is the Architectural Style of Your Home?

Look to your home to give you the first tip on how to choose the best paint colour for the exterior. How has your house been designed? Is it federation style, a typical Queenslander, a modern coastal design or traditional? The architectural style plus your own aesthetics can guide you in the decision making. Federation homes have traditional paint colour schemes of deep reds, golds and warm creams. Coastal homes traditionally incorporate blues and whites and modern designed homes tend to be in darker hues of greys and black. 
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You do not need to paint the traditional architectural colours of your home’s style, it all depends on your own style. For example, give a Queenslander a more modern look with dark colours like black and grey.

Tip number 2: Use Exterior Paint to Create Dimension and Shape

Generally, more than one paint colour is chosen for a home’s exterior paint scheme, gutters and window frames often are a contrast colour, chosen to flatter the main paint colour. 

Think of your home in terms of a base, middle and top for single-storey and double-storey homes. It’s a straightforward way to arrange external colours and makes it easier. Accentuate the top which is the roof in a strong contrast colour. This will make the top visible, a cap for your home so to speak. A darker solid colour for the base of your home or block areas like a garage door and fascias/gutters. Choosing darker colour paint for the base of your home gives a grounded/solid feel.

Depending on the layout of your home sometimes a middle lighter colour can highlight the middle of the home. Think of painting the top floor of a double-storey in a light neutral white or for a single storey a section of the front exterior in white. This will give the home some dimensional shape and highlight its architecture or conversely give a plain design some architectural dimension. 

Tip number 3: Trends Change

Trends do change and can date a home, so it’s a good tip for any feature trend paint colour to be painted in accessible areas and easy to paint over. If you like a bright colour or on-trend colour maybe opt for your front door instead of the window trims. Front doors actually look amazing with a bright pop of accent colour. 

Professional exterior paint colour costs mean you cannot hire painters every year so it’s best to keep away from less traditional trends. Qpaint uses the best paint technology and makes sure the paint finish looks amazing plus lasts for over a decade at least. 

Tip 3: What is the Neighbourhood?

Before you look through design magazines or grabbing paint swatches take a look around your neighbourhood. Neighbourhoods have architectural designs and colour palettes. For instance, newer neighbourhoods with modern home designs tend to have neutrals, browns and greys. Whereas established coastal neighbourhoods have pastels, whites, and light neutrals. It will give you some ideas and a sense of how your home will look. 

Tip 5: What is the setting? 

Is your home coastal, urban, set in bushland or arid environments? Use the colour palette of your natural surroundings to influence your exterior paint selection. Beach houses often reflect the blues and neutrals of their coastal settings. And urban homes tend to have city influenced palettes like greys and black. 

Lastly – Get the Best House Painter in Brisbane 

After all is said and done though it’s your choice and your home so the best guide is your style and the personality you want your home to reflect. Qpaint can give you paint colour scheme options and advice for exterior painting to help you and our painters know their stuff. We have been painting Brisbane and Gold Coast homes for over 40 years and know what paint lasts well in the Queensland climate. So not only will your home look great it will last in our climate. We use paint technology to cool your home and reduce heat penetration, there is so much more to paint than just the colour choice! Choosing Qpaint as your house painter is the first step to getting the best exterior paint job! 

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How Painters Remove Stains from your Walls

Painters Tricks on Removing Stains

At Qpaint we have been painting homes in Brisbane for 40 years and in that time we have learnt many tricks on how to remove stains from walls. Clean walls are a must before any paint can be applied so it’s vital to get rid of wall-stains. So whether you are prepping your wall for painting or just want to remove a stain read on for our tips and tricks.

Common stains on walls are fingerprints, water stains, grime, and dust. It’s all about the right tools and the right application to remove them. Water stains or excessive grime such as exterior grime may be better to have a professional painter come in and remove. As often this damage requires painting to restore the walls (interior or exterior). But for smaller stains, it’s mostly about the right tool combined with some knowhow.

What you need

These items should be in your arsenal ready to deploy;

  • Natural sponge (no colour as the colour transfers to the wall)
  • Clean water
  • Brush
  • Cloth
  • White cleaning cloths
  • Vacuum with broom attachment
  • 2 or more buckets
  • Lambswool duster
  • Rubber gloves
  • Step ladder

What type of stain is it?

Before you attempt to clean the stain you need to understand what type of stain it is as there are different cleaning processes for them.

  • Dirt and grime
  • Water-based stains (coffee, wine, sauce etc)
  • Oil-based stains (cooking oil, grease, crayons etc)
  • Permanent marker/Ink
  • Mould & mildew

Cleaning method

1. Use a DIY magic eraser when cleaning your wall

DIY magic erasers are the best wall cleaner for drawing marks like ink, pencil and crayons. They are also great for furniture scuff marks. But you do not have to go out of your way to buy a magic eraser as they can be DIY.

How to make your own DIY magic eraser

1/2 a teaspoon of Borax

One teaspoon of baking soda

1/2 a cup of warm water

One rag or sponge

Mix all the borax and baking soda with warm water and dip the rag or sponge in and away you go.

2. Removing oil-based stains

We recommend an all-purpose cleaner to remove heavy oil stains. Again we have our own recipe for a DIY all-purpose cleaner. It’s also best for oil-based painted walls.

One teaspoon of dishwashing liquid

1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar

One litre of warm water

Stir the dishwashing liquid into warm water and add the white vinegar.

Make sure you allow at 10 minutes for the all-purpose cleaner to sit on the stain before drying. 

3. Removing stains from a water-based painted wall
This is the most simple of all walls to clean in terms of what to use. Simply mix half a cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of baking soda into 2 litres of warm water. Then dip a clean sponge in, wring it out and gently rub onto the stain to remove. This is great for cleaning fingerprint marks around light switches and door handles plus other general dirt and grime.
4. Cleaning Wallpaper stains

Depending on the type of wallpaper you have there are different ways to go about cleaning the marks. There are commercial wallpaper cleaning products to purchase if you want but also some good old tricks to deploy. For example, an art gum eraser can remove finger marks and smudges from wallpaper. Coated wallpaper is easier to clean as it is covered with vinyl or acrylic, simply use a small amount of dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. Take a natural sponge and dip in the solution and gently rub directly onto the area. Non-coated wallpaper needs a dry sponge to get at the stains, gently rub onto the stain.

Before cleaning any type of wallpaper use a lambswool duster to clean the area. Do not try any abrasive cleaners or sponges on wallpaper as they will damage it.

Contact us

Wall cleaning goes hand in hand with painting, and we are the best Brisbane painters for the job. If you want to get professionals in to clean and paint your walls give us a call.

Toll-Free: 1300 772 468

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7 Best Paint Colours for 2020

Are you thinking of painting your home and want to know the paint trends for 2020? Painting your home is a great way to update the interior without spending a fortune. If your home is looking dated and tired a new coat of paint in a stylish colour will transform the interior design. Plus paint is so easy to change that every few years you can change it up and keep your home stylish and fresh. Qpaint has delved into the best paint interior design trends for 2020 and come up with the top 7 paint colours. 

So if you want to paint your home in 2020 but need some paint colour inspiration then read on!

  1. White

Classic neutrals always stay in style and white is by far the most popular neutral colour. But there are many, many shades of white. 2020 will see a move away from cold, stark whites to yellow-pigmented creams and grey-whites, bringing warmth to interior spaces. A big interior trend in 2020 is going to be white on white, especially in rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. But think zen and serene not clinical and cold. Usee a mix of white in paint, tiles and benchtops to create depth and warmth. Or a bedroom with creamy white walls, soft white linen and bright white sheer curtains all adding moody elements to create a layered interior design. 

  1.  Blue

Jewel-toned blues, dusk blues, ocean blues, the blue inspired paint trends of 2020 are grounded in earthly foundations. Blue is being called the new black and the new white. Selecting a lighter tone of blue for the main colour and then a sea blue for feature walls will be a huge trend for colour lovers in 2020. 

  1. Green

Dulux has chosen a cool-tone shade of green as it’s Colour of the Year for 2020.

Dulux says that Tranquil Dawn “embodies the nation’s mood on the approach of a new decade. And reflects a growing desire to understand what it is to be human at a time when advances in technology are making us feel increasingly disconnected from each other.”

Qpaint is a Dulux accredited partner and we love the new greens on offer for 2020. Nature is making its way into our homes through interior trends with paint colours reflecting forest greens, sea greens, olive greens and serene greens. Green is a paint colour that not only looks amazing but provides a calming and creative environment. Perfect for offices, family rooms and bedrooms. Nature-inspired green paints paired with natural finishes and pops of rich jewelled green furnishings is right on trend in 2020. 

  1. Blush

Pink is a bold paint colour choice and not for everyone, but blush tones of pink are much more muted and modern, making it much more appealing for interior design paint choices. Muted blush paint makes for a fantastic backdrop when combined with warmer jewel tones. Think bedrooms with blush paint and warm pink jewelled toned furniture and linen. This look is chic and modern. Great for personalised home offices and bedrooms. 

  1. Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is the pop of colour to add vibrancy and personality to your home. These shades include rust tones and as they are quite bold need to be used in moderation. Think of using them in areas that are not large but make the most of a pop of colour like the front door, back door or small feature walls in the dining room or hallway. 

  1. Clay

Clay was popular in 2019 and continues its rise as a neutral in 2020. Warm putty paint colours that invoke earthenware and aged plaster are the 2020 clay colour trends. 2020 colour trends are influenced by the current state of our climate and show the love of our earth. Soft greens, earthy oranges, blues and greens and neutrals in warm white and clay. Clay toned paint is suitable for any room and can be the main wall colour of any room. 

  1. Champagne

Pop the cork and pour some champagne paint colour on your walls. This colour is pushing out the cool greys of previous years and becoming a mainstay in the paint world. Champagne paint colour is a beige, natural tone and brings more warmth to space than the cool greys. And is on trend with the earthy, warm tones popular in interior design for 2020.


Our team at Qpaint have decades of experience and can offer you excellent advice on paint colour choices for painting your home. Just give us a call, send us a message via our contact form or visit us in Fairfield, Brisbane. 

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Home

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Home

Paint Your Home Merry

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…time to paint your home! With 2019 coming to a close and Christmas and New Years fast approaching now is the time to lock-in and book a house painter for the holiday paint projects that need doing! We start to book up quickly for painting services at this time of year so contact us asap to secure your spot! 

During the holiday season, it’s common for people to catch up on the projects they have been thinking about all year. Sometimes our clients want their jobs finished in time for hosting family and friends over for Christmas dinner, other times it’s completing the work over the New Year period. 

So put your home on the ‘nice list’ and give it a gift you can enjoy for years to come!

Here are some gift ideas;

Feature/Accent Wall

This is a fantastic way to makeover any space in your home. Adding a fresh colour to a single wall or hallway will change the interior feel of the room, and gives you a base to change up the colour palette of the furnishings in the room. Our painters are experts in prep work which is vital to any interior painting, but especially to feature walls. You can DIY a feature wall but any slight mistake in cutting in or paintbrush strokes will stand out. That’s why it can work out cheaper for a professional painter to do the work and it will always be quicker than any DIY. 

Why not paint a few feature walls, some popular colours for 2020 as listed by Dulux (we are Dulux accredited painters) are beautiful muted nature colours inspired from lush greens, rainy greys and driftwood browns. These types of natural colours painted on feature walls bring not only a fresh look but a calming vibe. Perfect for painting walls in bedrooms, bathrooms and lounge rooms. And then you can add more dimension to the interior makeover with new furnishings like pillows and linen. What a great way to bring cheer in the holiday season!

Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy is a garage flooring solution that looks great and is extremely durable. It is becoming more popular as people are starting to use their garages for multi-purposes not just as car parks. For example, putting in a work out space or home gym in your garage over the Christmas holidays or just making your garage look better and have the potential for more than just one use. DIY epoxy garage floor must be a popular google search term because our clients always tell us they looked at DIY options first. But as we advise them – getting a professional to do the job means a better finish and look. Plus it is not an expensive project. 

It’s a great time to get Epoxy flooring over the New Year and Christmas as often people have time off work and can clean out their garage ready for the job. It is a simple and quick job for our experienced painters and Epoxy floors take little time to dry. We recommend 3 days for the best result.

Timber Deck Staining or Restoration

Are you planning on hosting some Christmas or New Year celebrations at your house? Call us now to book in before the holidays season and get your deck holiday-ready with a fresh stain or restoration work. Don’t leave it too late, it’s the prep work that takes the longest for deck staining and these last few weekends before Christmas start to get very busy people. You will find yourself busy enough without having to add deck sanding to your list. Take some stress off by getting in the professionals! We will get it done fast and make sure it’s perfect. 

The stain needs time to dry so make sure you get it done at least a few days before any parties. We book up quickly in December for these types of deck restoration jobs so secure your booking now.

Interior House Painting

Perhaps it’s more than just a feature wall your home needs, has it been a long time since your home was painted? Are your walls covered in grime and yellowing or flaky paint? Or do you want to renovate your home with a fresh coat of paint? Book a house painter now and get the interior of your home painted whilst you holiday over the New Year. 

Qpaint has operated in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for over 40 years and we are a trusted company. You can rely on us to look after your home and get the paint job done beautifully and on time! Relax on holiday whilst we paint your whole home. And we can keep you updated as much or as little as you like! 

It’s so much easier to have your home painted when you and your family do not have to be living in it. For our painters, we do not mind either way, but it is hard, especially with children for homeowners to live in the home during a big paint job. So why not call us and get a free in-home quote for interior painting and we can discuss your options. One of our senior painters will come to your home for the quote, so you can get all the advice and assurance you need! 

Book Now 

1300 772 468

Complete the home renovations you have been thinking about all year or putting off all year! Get them finished in time for Christmas and give your home and yourself the best gift this Christmas. 

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Make Paint Last and Look Great in the Brisbane Climate

The ideal temperature to paint a home is 15 – 35 degrees Celsius with little or no breeze and 70-80% humidity. Though as experienced painters, our team can paint well in most conditions. Making sure the paint lasts and keeps in great condition over the years in Brisbane’s climate means attention needs to be given to the conditions when applying the paint and the paint and prep itself.

Painting in cooler weather like Winter means exterior walls will take longer to dry. We take into account weather forecasting and aim to paint when to weather is stable and dry for 48 hours after application. As this will give optimal drying time and set the paint perfectly. If the paint is applied in wet conditions it will not form correctly, meaning issues like blistering, mildew and earlier wear and tear.

Conversely, in hot and humid conditions, the paint will dry faster and not bond properly to the surface making peeling an issue. Qpaint will organise to come early to your home, as we want optimal conditions to paint for a better result for your home. If we paint in hot, direct sunlight the paint will dry fast and make obvious brush marks and blistering.

U.V. radiation and exposure to direct sunlight degrade the binder and pigment in paint, causing colour fading and erosion. Waterborne paint binders resist this damage and are transparent to U.V rays. Solventborne paints absorb the U.V. radiation and break them down. Qpaint will advise you on the best type of paint for your home so you get the best outcome – a beautiful paint job that looks great and lasts for years in the Brisbane climate.

Humidity and Paint

Relative humidity means how much water vapour is in the air compared with how much it can actually hold. For water to evaporate from a waterborne paint it needs relative humidity conditions. In high humidity conditions, surfactant leaching can occur. This is when you can see brown or white discolourations on the surface. High humidity also causes water particles to try and enter the paint surface. For Queenslander homes, this can be a big issue as wood absorbs the moisture easily and can affect the adhesion of paint to the surface making it bubble and peel. Prep work is essential to address these future issues when painting your home. During our quote, we will advise you on any prep work needed to make the paint last for years and years and look good well into the future.

Prep Work on Queenslander Homes

Qpaint regularly paints older Queenslander homes and period homes in Brisbane. Prep work is really important to make sure the new exterior paint job lasts and looks great. Often homeowners want period features which means painting the existing colours. A few examples of prep work needed;

How do you prep your house for painting?
  • Colour matching previous colours
  • Sanding the surface
  • Sealing windows and doors during the sanding process
  • Remove previous paint layers
  • Washing and preparing surface
  • Inspect and repair surface for chips, dents and nails
  • Filling gaps in VJ panels with polymer filler
  • Paint with primer (latex)

Maintenance Makes Paint Last Longer

Extend the life of your paint job and keep it looking in great shape with regular maintenance. Inspect the caulking once a year and repair/replace any cracked or missing. Remove mould or mildew before it builds up. Wash stains caused by weather or animals and nature (pollen/birds/insects etc). Touch up any blisters or peels to stop them from spreading.

Brisbane tropical climate requires experienced painters, Qpaint has been providing quality service since the seventies – we know our stuff!

different colours

The Meaning of Colour – What Does Paint Colour Say About You

We see many different house paint colours, whether its an exterior white paint or dining room painted red, every client selects their paint colour based on personal preference. How much do one’s emotions and personality dictate how they select paint colours? At Qpaint we regularly paint the exterior of beautiful Queenslanders and the interiors. Our Brisbane customers looking to refresh their home with an interior paint job love the selection of paints we offer. Personal taste is usually reflected in peoples colour choice, and just like emotions, colours have different meanings.

It helps to understand how colour meanings and their social psychology is tied together when thinking about a new paint colour.


Known by most as the colour of romance and passion, red also signifies confidence, ambition and determination. The colour red signifies self-confidence and is an energizing colour. It can promote people to put ideas into action and stimulates brain activity. Red is also associated with strong emotional feelings such as arousal, anger, compassion and the colour even promotes the release of adrenaline when people are exposed to it. Appetites and smell senses are heightened in the presence of red also. Rooms that can benefit from red paint might be kitchens and dining rooms.



Yellow is an optimistic colour and people who love this bright colour are optimists that want everyone around them to feel happy. Bright yellow is an energetic colour, brimming with happiness and warmth. Paler yellow shades represent wisdom and intellect, the colour helps concentration and critical thinking. Colour psychology says yellow is a colour that helps depression and can even bring on a hungry appetite. Yellow paint colour may be a great choice for kids bedrooms, study/office areas and kitchens.


Blue is a tranquil colour and for those that consider blue a favourite, it means they are optimistic and a bit of a dreamer. Associated with responsibility, relaxation, loyalty, justice and communication, blue in all its shades can have many effects on people. From improving decision-making skills and promoting productivity, this colour is great for workplaces and home offices. The colour has been proven to even lower blood pressure and decrease rapid breathing. Use blue paint in rooms that you want a relaxing vibe in such as bedrooms, bathrooms and family rooms.


A colour strongly associated with nature, green is a healing and protective colour. People who love green are calm and centered often drawn to healing professions. Hospitals employ green to have a relaxing effect on patients and like blue, green also lowers blood pressure, anxiety and depression. Green interior paint is a good choice for bedrooms, living rooms and home theatres. Dark green shades denote wealth and power, and are great for financial offices like banks or real estate offices.


Pink is a colour of celebration and if you love pink it says you have a strong compassion for others. Light shades of pink promote a calming feeling and are associated with sweetness. Very pale pink can bring on lethargy and confusion, so should be avoided in rooms used daily.  Colour psychology tells us that pink is calming, reassuring and can decrease feelings of aggression. A colour that represents unconditional love it is great as an accent colour with white in girls bedrooms or guest rooms.


This colour is representative of magic, royalty, romance, theatre and peace. Purple is good in art spaces or preschool aged kids spaces as it promotes creativity, imagination, and kindness. Studies have also proved the colour purple relieves migraine tension and suppresses appetites.


Black is thought of as mysterious and secretive, and people who love black are known to make decisions based on emotion, not logic. Black combined with white is a great balance as white brings light and openness whilst black accents balance this with its sharp definition and protection of negative energy (according to the colour meaning experts).


Gold is a colour that thanks to earth’s precious gold metal is associated with wealth, prestige and ambition.


Silver is also a prestigious colour but rather that the opulent and outwardly prestige that gold brings, silver is more introspective. People who prefer silver are thought to be quiet and thoughtful of others.

Understanding colour meanings and psychology can be a great tool when deciding on what colour to paint rooms. Our team at Qpaint have a wealth of experience in interior painting, we have painted with every colour of the rainbow! Mixing and matching colours can not only look great but maybe even with the employment of colour psychology techniques get your kids to sleep easily at night!


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painting kids bedroom

Ideas for Painting Kids Bedrooms

Choosing paint colour and theme for a child’s bedroom requires some thought and consideration. It is not just about a colour scheme, you should take your child’s personality into to account as well. Hiring a recommended Brisbane painter like Qpaint will also make sure the finish is perfect. We can help show you the most popular paint colours for kids rooms and get the job done with perfect finishing to please the fussiest child.

In selecting a paint colour to think about the space, the bedroom needs to create a calm and serene atmosphere; especially for children. Sometimes people want to be creative and imaginative but worry the room will be too busy and not present a calm environment. Smart interior design planning will ensure this doesn’t happen. And a kids room is one of the best rooms in the house to experiment with paint colours and designs.

Paint Colour Ideas

Our painters have painted numerous children’s bedrooms over the decades and common colours include;

  1. Green – forest or jungle theme
  2. Blue – sea or sky theme
  3. Light purple or pink
  4. Grey – space theme
  5. Yellow – sunny theme

And within all of these colours is, of course, is variations on shades and finishes. But these paint colours can be used as the base for the theme. And interior decorations like lamps, linen and furniture can complete the look.

Brighter Colours for Younger Children

Studies show that babies and young children respond to bright colours. Bright colours have a positive impact on the development and mood of infants and toddlers. The brighter the better! But when covering the walls it is best to select the right bright colour, a bright red room, for example, is not going to induce a sleepy baby! A bright blue on the paint wheel can be many, many different shades and our painters can show you some great selections.

We can recommend low VOC paint for your kid’s bedrooms as this will be the safest paint to use. Organic and water-based paints are generally selected for kids rooms and make sure your kid’s health is a priority. Along with low VOC paint, you need a pint that is durable and survives wear and tear. Speak to us for advice on how many coats of paint is needed to make sure you can wipe off stains or spills on the wall.

Paint Colour Schemes and Finishes

A great idea to add warmth and character to a kids room is using a mix of complementary paint colours. A grey base and warm red accents or a beige base and pink accents are two popular colour combinations for younger kids rooms. Using an experienced painter can make sure the look is professional and painted immaculately.

Apart from the paint colour the finish or sheen needs to be chosen also, we recommend either a satin or semi-gloss in kids bedrooms as they are the easiest to clean.

Kids bedrooms should be a fun space that also creates a calm atmosphere for when its time to sleep. Choosing the best paint colour for a kids bedroom will give it a personality that can be further built upon with furniture and interior decorations. Contact us at Qpiant and we can come out to your house and let you know a price and show you paint selections. Get started now!

bedroom painting inside home

Prepare your home for Winter

Queensland avoids very cold temperature in winter unlike out southern state neighbours. But it we still get rain and occasional winter storms, so preparing the exterior home for Winter is still a good idea. You can do a lot inside your home and outside your home to prepare for cooler weather, more rain and possible storms.

Getting the Outside Ready

This is where you can do the most to prevent damage to the exterior of your home. Good prep is the key. Plus it also a good time for yearly inspections you should make on your home to keep it in good nick.

  • Clean your gutters and check the roof drainage is working correctly
  • Repair any roof leaks
  • Replace any broken tiles
  • Check any trees close to your home that may snap in strong winds
  • Repair and paint any exterior walls
  • Check decking and balconies for rotting wood and deck restoration work
  • Inspect windows for leaks and seal any gaps

Interior Painting

Painting the inside of your home during the winter months can be a cheaper option. With outside weather being unpredictable and painters being unable to paint your home if it is raining, then painting the interior can be a great idea. Plus, painters will often offer a reduced rate during the winter months so speak with your local painting company.

Why not take the time now to spruce up your homes interior, as during rainy periods you will be seeing more of it! Plus a warm bright newly painted feature wall can bring a sunny mood to your home during the cooler months. And lying in bed during the rain in a cosy newly painted bedroom brings bliss! If you want to paint the exterior of your home do so before Winter as it will be completed quicker than in the Winter. Our Qpaint team books a lot of work leading up to Winter and we advise you to contact us to book your spot!

Fire Safety

Queenslanders don’t need heaters often so when Winter rolls around and brings lower temps, people may get out their heaters from storage. Check them over before use and make sure they are in safe working order. Check your smoke alarms and test them. Also make sure you have a fire plan and that everyone in the household knows it.

Be Ready for Storms

Put together an emergency kit in case of severe storms and blackouts. Have it easily accessible and pack it with torches, candles, batteries, first aid kit, blankets, and if you have one a battery powered radio.

Interior Blinds

Use blinds and curtains to maximise anytime the sun is out and open them to let it shine in, Conversely you may want heavier curtains or draw your curtains more than usual to keep heat in when using your heating.

Floor Coverings

It’s common for Queensland homes to have tiles or floorboards, but in Winter it’s a good idea to cover areas with rugs to make them warmer underfoot. Plus tiles and wood floors to not hold in any heat, so rugs will help to do so.

Service and Clean Air Conditioners

It’s recommended air conditioner filters be cleaned or replaced each Winter. Keeping the filter clean means your air conditioner lowers energy consumption by 5% to 15%. Plus during summer nobody like to turn off air condition unnecessarily. Doing prep in Winter means no worrying in Brisbane’s humid Summer!