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Should I Paint My Home Before Selling?

Spring is upon us and it is a great season to sell your home, traditionally homes sell faster at this time of year. Make your home sell even faster with a fresh coat of paint, this will make your home look better and cleaner but most importantly more appealing to buyers. It’s best to paint your home just before real estate photos take place which is usually a few days before it hits the market. 

Staging your home may seem like hard work but it will help to sell it, a new coat of paint on targeted spaces like the exterior or kitchen and living rooms go a long way to make your home look so much more appealing. If you do not know where to start but do know you need a lick of paint then follow these tips. And of course give us a call for advice and quotes, we can complete the job asap so as not to affect any buying or selling timeframes in place already. Get your home market-ready with our professional painting team!

Speak to Your Local Real Estate Agent

Walk through your home with your real estate agent and get them to point out areas that need attention. This will help you spend money on the right areas and not waste money on staging that will not make an impact but just lighten your wallet. The real estate agent is familiar with your area will know what buyers are looking for. They are also an impartial party to yourself, often we cannot see with a buyers eye in our own home. What we love or have overlooked for years, like the flaky exterior paint on the window trims or our red feature wall in the living room may not be overlooked by a buyer. Plus they can help you narrow down areas to focus on, so before you repaint your entire home and add feature walls to every bedroom seek advice on what to concentrate on from your real estate agent. 

Focus on the Kitchen

Kitchens sell homes, so make sure yours looks the best it can. This does not mean renovating your entire kitchen, simply painting cabinets and tiles will make the space look sleek and modern. If you have an attached dining room or living room paint these walls along with your kitchen walls to tie in the areas and make the space look larger and modern. 

Select Neutral Paint Colours

This is also something your real estate agent probably advised you on the walkthrough. Buyers do not want to see your interior design vision but want to imagine their own. Painting with neutral paint colours means they can envision their ideas in your home. Another benefit of neutral paint colours is they present well and can make your home feel larger and more spacious. Brisbane and the Gold Coast homes in the sunny weather look amazing with a fresh coat of neutral paint and sunlight streaming through the windows. 

Exterior Painting

Buyer will see the exterior of your home on arrival, it will form their first impression and can go a long way in making up their minds on buying your home. If your homes exterior paint is flaking, patchy or generally looking tired this is an excellent area to spend money on to sell your home faster. People especially buyers imagine this as a big job and expensive but it can be done quickly and help add value due to not having the home sit for too long on the market. And compared to your home’s value it’s a small investment. If your home is a Queenslander, exterior paint is very important as its a major drawcard of these beautiful homes. For brick homes, look at your gutters, window frames and the front door, with a new coat of paint on these the look of your home can be changed drastically.

Deck Maintenance and Restoration

Cast an eye over your deck, verandah, timber screens, timber balconies and timber railings. These areas are used daily and suffer from wear and tear, making them look tired and worn. Spending some money on these areas will help your home stand out to buyers, as they will see the attention paid to the area and know your home is well maintained. We can provide deck sanding, finishing, repair and maintenance to your decking or verandahs. Let the buyers envision themselves relaxing on the deck with a drink in hand – not sandpaper in hand!

Touch Ups

If your home does not require a full painting facelift, look to areas that need a touch-up, ones that will stand out if not addressed. Fix any scuffed walls and trims, stain your deck and think about power washing your exterior. Our painting team can perform paint maintenance jobs like these, and it will take very little time but make a big difference.

Settle on the Size

So after all these tips, we do advise that Yes –  you should paint your home before selling in the Brisbane market. But it’s the size of the job that you need to understand, is it a touch-up, kitchen facelift or a new exterior paint job? Whatever the case, you can count on Qpaint to do the job on time and to a high standard that is required for selling your home.

4 Great Ways to Winter Proof Your Home

Now that the cool autumn months are slowly coming to an end, it’s a great time to prepare your home for the winter weather that’s on its way. We take a look at some of the areas of the home you should attend to in preparation for the winter months.

While the weather is still predictable (sunny, warm, etc), now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the cooler months that lie ahead. By painting any areas of your home that need a coat of paint now, you’re protecting your home from rot and mould that can occur during the damp weather.

Home Winter Checklist

We take a look at some of the ways you can get your home winter-ready.


Many people think that keeping your gutters clean and tidy during summer helps reduce the chances of a fire during the hot weather, but it’s important you keep them clean during the cooler months, too. Your roof’s drainage system literally diverts thousands of litres of water away from your house exterior, annually. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage around your home, and also contribute to rust and corrosion.

Seal up gaps: 

we tend to overlook gaps around windows and doors during summer because the cool breeze that flows through them offers a nice reprieve from the hot summer night when we’re trying to sleep. In winter, however, you’ll be wishing you fixed those gaps while you had the chance. Well, now’s your chance.

Avoid a leaky roof: 

While you’re cleaning your gutters have a quick look to make the tiles on your roof aren’t broken or missing. If you have a fireplace, check to ensure that water can’t get in through any cracks in the chimney. For chimneys, check if it’s sealed correctly so it won’t let any cool air in during winter.

Check your paintwork:

Check your home paint condition to ensure it hasn’t started to peel or flake, which caused by weather conditions. Inspect areas such as laundries, bathrooms, and garages that don’t receive a lot of direct sunlight causing mould. Mould or mildew causes grey or black spots on the surface. Try scrubbing the surface with diluted household bleach. Then repaint the area with a quality water-based paint to remove mould and mildew. To prevent it returning, install a fan or dehumidifier in damp areas.

Choosing The Right Colours For Queensland Homes.


Queenslander Houses are a type of house that is styled from popular architectural themes from but not limited to the Victorian, Colonial and Federation times of Australia. Most commonly found in Queensland choosing the right colours for these houses can take time.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you find the colours you want for painting a Queenslander:

Be prepared

Before you think about painting, develop a basic understanding of what kind of colours you would like on your Queenslander. Coming into painting with an idea of what colours you would like can help immensely.

Start small

Order a sample pot from your nearest paint supplier and create a test patch on your house. This will help you visualize your colour scheme for your Queenslander home.  

Colour Consultants

Hiring a Colour Consultant can help in the painting process by guiding you through the colour choosing process and helping you develop a style that you will like.

Get Inspired

There are plenty of examples of Queensland Homes online for you to look at for inspiration and there are also plenty of colour schemes to look at online. Paint suppliers and Colour Consultants are just the starts for finding the right colours.

These are just some tips for picking colours, who knows, you might have a completely different method for choosing colours, but these are always great ways to start the colour picking journey. Have fun picking the right colour for your Queenslander.

Are you painting your home? Get a FREE Colour consultation in your home valued at over $500. Use our  contact form and mention this page. We recommend you book in for January now as spots are limited! 


Painting With Colorbond

Made specifically for the Australian climate, Colorbond is one of the leaders in the home industry. For those looking to paint using Colorbond Colours, we’ve come up with the perfect guide for you to make picking the best colours for your home easier.

Look around you

Before you start painting, look around at your surroundings, you’ll be surprised at what colours might work well against your surroundings. From the beaches to the countryside and the cityscape, take time to indulge in the colours around you as it could make picking the right Colorbond paints easier. You will also want to ensure the correct colour hue for your style of home. Heritage, modern, Californian bungalow and Queenslander are just a few of the architectural styles that require some thought into paint colours. When renovating or redecorating paint colour should be the first choice you make for the colour palate and all other choices will be based around this. It is worthwhile to spend some time putting in considered thought on the choice of paint colours.

Seek advice

From a professional, or look for ideas before you pick colours. Colour consultants are a great way to help define what Colorbond colour you would like to pick before you get a painter or pick up the paintbrush yourself. They can come up with a range of colour schemes that will work with your wants so it becomes easier picking the right colours for your home.

Remember you will want the choice to elevate your home’s appearance and work with your surroundings. It will pay off in the long run to research and take your time to make sure the paint colour choice is the best one. Once the paint goes on it will be an expensive exercise to change your mind.

Seeking advice from the experts will help to guide your Colourbond paint choice and give you a selection of choices narrowed down from what can be a huge variety of choices. It will also help to seek advice on paints to offset each other and work well together. What will match on the gutters and windowsills etc with your choice of main exterior colour?

Consider the climate

Especially so in Australia’s extreme weather. Colorbond paints are made to protect homes against the suns harmful UV rays and might even save you a few dollars on your power bill by lowering your heating costs in Summer and Winter. Consider choosing paints that will be able to add value to your home by protecting and visually enhancing your property.

For instance, cooler paint colours will suit hotter environments such as Queensland. Blues, greens and light greys will work with the sunny days rather than against like warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges. Certain colours choices can attract heat or reduce heat and in turn affect the temperature of your home. By considering your climate and choosing the right Colorbond paint colour, you may make an impact on the heating and cooling costs to your home.

When it comes to painting your home, Colorbond paints are more than effective at improving the appearance of your home as they are the best quality. Colourbond paints also add value by guarding your house against Brisbane’s extreme climate.

What Is The Best Colour To Paint Your House?

When it comes to painting the exterior of your house, choosing colours can be one of the hardest and longest decisions to make. With the number of colours and options available, it’s no wonder why people stop immediately before it even happens. It can be a costly exercise to fix any wrong choices once they have been painted. Time and thought need to be put into the decision. Research should be done to make sure matching colour schemes are used to work together and not against each other.

Before you choose a paint, here are 3 tips on choosing the colour for your home:

Have a Colour Scheme in mind

If you’re already thinking colours, you’re halfway there. It’s easier to visualize what your house will look like in its new colour scheme if you already have an idea of what you would like. If not, there are plenty of colour schemes available for you to look at online or at your nearest paint supplier. If you are really having difficulty deciding on colour schemes – Colour Consults will be able to guide you through the colour picking process to come up with a scheme you’ll love. The Colour Consultants may suggest the following tip; choose a three paint colour scheme, light paint colour, dark paint colour and a bright paint colour matched from the colour paint wheel. This will help to design a palette that works together and colour combinations that will not clash but enhance.

Location, Location, Location

Take note of your surroundings when it comes to painting. Beaches, Suburban, Countryside or even your neighbourhood can provide endless inspiration when it comes to Colour Schemes. Here are a few suggestions based on location. Coastal – Teal, Aquamarine, Turquoise, White and Sandy colours make a wonderful choice for those blessed enough to live near a beach. Use these colours to your advantage and the results will be charming.

Suburban – Suburban offers an amazing range of colour ideas to pick from. Making the most of Steely Greys, to beiges and whites can complement any colour scheme that you decide to run with.

Countryside – Don’t be afraid to explore the rich and vibrant green, gold and reds when it comes to Countryside colour schemes. Opportunities are endless with Countryside themes so make the most of that fresh air and paint. Don’t become overbearing with colours, however; remember less is more.

Touch Up or Complete Transformation

Are you just touching up a part of your house, or are you doing a complete external painting? If you need a touch-up, perhaps a recoat of the same or similar colours might be the way to go. If it’s a complete external paint job then the opportunity to select the colours of your choice is up to you.

Consider how colours will complement the surrounding features of your home and take advantage of how a new colour scheme can affect your home. Cooler tones will work well in hot environments and warm colours suit colder climates. Not only will these exterior paint choices help to anchor your home in its surroundings they may lower the costs of your heating and cooling bills by reducing or enhancing the effect of the climate on your home.

These are just some tips for picking colours, who knows, you might have a completely different method for choosing colours, but these are always great ways to start the colour picking journey.

Have fun picking the right colour for your external painting. If you need a colour consultant then contact the experts at QPaint.