6 Tips to Maximise Smaller Outdoor Spaces

Spring is upon us and it is a great season to sell your home, traditionally homes sell faster at this time of year. Make your home sell even faster with a fresh coat of paint, this will make your home look better and cleaner but most importantly more appealing to buyers. It’s best to paint your home just before real estate photos take place which is usually a few days before it hits the market. 

Staging your home may seem like hard work but it will help to sell it, a new coat of paint on targeted spaces like the exterior or kitchen and living rooms go a long way to make your home look so much more appealing. If you do not know where to start but do know you need a lick of paint then follow these tips. And of course give us a call for advice and quotes, we can complete the job asap so as not to affect any buying or selling timeframes in place already. Get your home market-ready with our professional painting team!

Speak to Your Local Real Estate Agent

Walk through your home with your real estate agent and get them to point out areas that need attention. This will help you spend money on the right areas and not waste money on staging that will not make an impact but just lighten your wallet. The real estate agent is familiar with your area will know what buyers are looking for. They are also an impartial party to yourself, often we cannot see with a buyers eye in our own home. What we love or have overlooked for years, like the flaky exterior paint on the window trims or our red feature wall in the living room may not be overlooked by a buyer. Plus they can help you narrow down areas to focus on, so before you repaint your entire home and add feature walls to every bedroom seek advice on what to concentrate on from your real estate agent. 

Focus on the Kitchen

Kitchens sell homes, so make sure yours looks the best it can. This does not mean renovating your entire kitchen, simply painting cabinets and tiles will make the space look sleek and modern. If you have an attached dining room or living room paint these walls along with your kitchen walls to tie in the areas and make the space look larger and modern. 

Select Neutral Paint Colours

This is also something your real estate agent probably advised you on the walkthrough. Buyers do not want to see your interior design vision but want to imagine their own. Painting with neutral paint colours means they can envision their ideas in your home. Another benefit of neutral paint colours is they present well and can make your home feel larger and more spacious. Brisbane and the Gold Coast homes in the sunny weather look amazing with a fresh coat of neutral paint and sunlight streaming through the windows. 

Exterior Painting

Buyer will see the exterior of your home on arrival, it will form their first impression and can go a long way in making up their minds on buying your home. If your homes exterior paint is flaking, patchy or generally looking tired this is an excellent area to spend money on to sell your home faster. People especially buyers imagine this as a big job and expensive but it can be done quickly and help add value due to not having the home sit for too long on the market. And compared to your home’s value it’s a small investment. If your home is a Queenslander, exterior paint is very important as its a major drawcard of these beautiful homes. For brick homes, look at your gutters, window frames and the front door, with a new coat of paint on these the look of your home can be changed drastically.

Deck Maintenance and Restoration

Cast an eye over your deck, verandah, timber screens, timber balconies and timber railings. These areas are used daily and suffer from wear and tear, making them look tired and worn. Spending some money on these areas will help your home stand out to buyers, as they will see the attention paid to the area and know your home is well maintained. We can provide deck sanding, finishing, repair and maintenance to your decking or verandahs. Let the buyers envision themselves relaxing on the deck with a drink in hand – not sandpaper in hand!

Touch Ups

If your home does not require a full painting facelift, look to areas that need a touch-up, ones that will stand out if not addressed. Fix any scuffed walls and trims, stain your deck and think about power washing your exterior. Our painting team can perform paint maintenance jobs like these, and it will take very little time but make a big difference.

Settle on the Size

So after all these tips, we do advise that Yes –  you should paint your home before selling in the Brisbane market. But it’s the size of the job that you need to understand, is it a touch-up, kitchen facelift or a new exterior paint job? Whatever the case, you can count on Qpaint to do the job on time and to a high standard that is required for selling your home.

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