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Queensland avoids very cold temperature in winter unlike out southern state neighbours. But it we still get rain and occasional winter storms, so preparing the exterior home for Winter is still a good idea. You can do a lot inside your home and outside your home to prepare for cooler weather, more rain and possible storms.

Getting the Outside Ready

This is where you can do the most to prevent damage to the exterior of your home. Good prep is the key. Plus it also a good time for yearly inspections you should make on your home to keep it in good nick.

  • Clean your gutters and check the roof drainage is working correctly
  • Repair any roof leaks
  • Replace any broken tiles
  • Check any trees close to your home that may snap in strong winds
  • Repair and paint any exterior walls
  • Check decking and balconies for rotting wood and deck restoration work
  • Inspect windows for leaks and seal any gaps

Interior Painting

Painting the inside of your home during the winter months can be a cheaper option. With outside weather being unpredictable and painters being unable to paint your home if it is raining, then painting the interior can be a great idea. Plus, painters will often offer a reduced rate during the winter months so speak with your local painting company.

Why not take the time now to spruce up your homes interior, as during rainy periods you will be seeing more of it! Plus a warm bright newly painted feature wall can bring a sunny mood to your home during the cooler months. And lying in bed during the rain in a cosy newly painted bedroom brings bliss! If you want to paint the exterior of your home do so before Winter as it will be completed quicker than in the Winter. Our Qpaint team books a lot of work leading up to Winter and we advise you to contact us to book your spot!

Fire Safety

Queenslanders don’t need heaters often so when Winter rolls around and brings lower temps, people may get out their heaters from storage. Check them over before use and make sure they are in safe working order. Check your smoke alarms and test them. Also make sure you have a fire plan and that everyone in the household knows it.

Be Ready for Storms

Put together an emergency kit in case of severe storms and blackouts. Have it easily accessible and pack it with torches, candles, batteries, first aid kit, blankets, and if you have one a battery powered radio.

Interior Blinds

Use blinds and curtains to maximise anytime the sun is out and open them to let it shine in, Conversely you may want heavier curtains or draw your curtains more than usual to keep heat in when using your heating.

Floor Coverings

It’s common for Queensland homes to have tiles or floorboards, but in Winter it’s a good idea to cover areas with rugs to make them warmer underfoot. Plus tiles and wood floors to not hold in any heat, so rugs will help to do so.

Service and Clean Air Conditioners

It’s recommended air conditioner filters be cleaned or replaced each Winter. Keeping the filter clean means your air conditioner lowers energy consumption by 5% to 15%. Plus during summer nobody like to turn off air condition unnecessarily. Doing prep in Winter means no worrying in Brisbane’s humid Summer!



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