painting kids bedroom

Choosing paint colour and theme for a child’s bedroom requires some thought and consideration. It is not just about a colour scheme, you should take your child’s personality into to account as well. Hiring a recommended Brisbane painter like Qpaint will also make sure the finish is perfect. We can help show you the most popular paint colours for kids rooms and get the job done with perfect finishing to please the fussiest child.

In selecting a paint colour to think about the space, the bedroom needs to create a calm and serene atmosphere; especially for children. Sometimes people want to be creative and imaginative but worry the room will be too busy and not present a calm environment. Smart interior design planning will ensure this doesn’t happen. And a kids room is one of the best rooms in the house to experiment with paint colours and designs.

Paint Colour Ideas

Our painters have painted numerous children’s bedrooms over the decades and common colours include;

  1. Green – forest or jungle theme
  2. Blue – sea or sky theme
  3. Light purple or pink
  4. Grey – space theme
  5. Yellow – sunny theme

And within all of these colours is, of course, is variations on shades and finishes. But these paint colours can be used as the base for the theme. And interior decorations like lamps, linen and furniture can complete the look.

Brighter Colours for Younger Children

Studies show that babies and young children respond to bright colours. Bright colours have a positive impact on the development and mood of infants and toddlers. The brighter the better! But when covering the walls it is best to select the right bright colour, a bright red room, for example, is not going to induce a sleepy baby! A bright blue on the paint wheel can be many, many different shades and our painters can show you some great selections.

We can recommend low VOC paint for your kid’s bedrooms as this will be the safest paint to use. Organic and water-based paints are generally selected for kids rooms and make sure your kid’s health is a priority. Along with low VOC paint, you need a pint that is durable and survives wear and tear. Speak to us for advice on how many coats of paint is needed to make sure you can wipe off stains or spills on the wall.

Paint Colour Schemes and Finishes

A great idea to add warmth and character to a kids room is using a mix of complementary paint colours. A grey base and warm red accents or a beige base and pink accents are two popular colour combinations for younger kids rooms. Using an experienced painter can make sure the look is professional and painted immaculately.

Apart from the paint colour the finish or sheen needs to be chosen also, we recommend either a satin or semi-gloss in kids bedrooms as they are the easiest to clean.

Kids bedrooms should be a fun space that also creates a calm atmosphere for when its time to sleep. Choosing the best paint colour for a kids bedroom will give it a personality that can be further built upon with furniture and interior decorations. Contact us at Qpiant and we can come out to your house and let you know a price and show you paint selections. Get started now!

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