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Putting down an epoxy coating on garage floors is a great way to resurface the floors and give them an up to date look. Plus it such a durable surface that the Epoxy coating will last for decades. But if it is not applied correctly then the benefits will go to waste. It’s a good idea to hire professionals to apply the epoxy surface as then you can be assured the job is done right.

A common thought is that epoxy is a paint but it is much more than simply painting your garage floor. Epoxy is actually a bonded surface. Epoxy is a two chemicals – epoxide resin and polyamide hardener mixed together. An epoxy paint is latex acrylic based with a bit of epoxy added to it, this is not true epoxy. Which is why getting professionals in to do the job means you won’t waste money on inferior epoxy fakes.

Epoxy is scratch and dent resistant making your garage floors durable and long lasting. So while DIY epoxy painting may appeal, you will save more money over the long term with professionals using real epoxy and specialised epoxy application tools. Also when you get in professional painters the two part epoxy coating can be installed properly. And faster than a DIY epoxy floor.

Fixing DIY Epoxy Mistakes

At Qpaint we use the best suppliers for epoxy and our products are much better than your common epoxy store bought options. Sometimes we have been called to fix clients DIY epoxy flooring that has chipped and even lifted with exposure to a few months of car tyres. We resurface industrial spaces and carparks with epoxy, so your garage will be a piece of cake! Hot tyre lift is not an issue

An epoxy surface is a non slip surface, so if you use your garage as a home gym or workshop this is a great feature. It also a fantastic flooring option for home business garage conversions. If your concrete slab is uneven we can do grinding prep work which means the floors are even and ready for the epoxy coating.


Often our clients have called us to install epoxy garage flooring just because they like the look and it helps keep their garage in order.A lot of new homes these days are built with double garages, getting an epoxy coating means the garage is used more effectively. After all it is a large footprint of your floorplan, make the most of the space. Whether its for keeping a neat appearance or making an easy surface to sweep out sand and dirt from surfboards and bicycles. Or using the space as a mix of car spot and home gym.


Professional Guarantee


We know ‘how to apply epoxy flooring’ can be a often searched subject on the internet but getting a professional also brings certain guarantees. For example a guarantee of the work itself which won’t come with a Bunnings purchase when you try DIY epoxy. Also the application of the coating effects its look. Having a professional complete the job brings

benefits like the right tools for prepping the garage floor and applying the coating itself. Sometimes even new slabs have dents and sections that need grinding and filling. But if your concrete floor just has spider veins or small issues these will be covered by the epoxy surface without any prep needed.  


Epoxy is Not a Paint


As epoxy is not a paint instead of drying it cures. When the two parts are mixed it causes a chemical reaction that starts the curing process. During the curing process polymer structures harden which is what gives epoxy its durability and strength. As opposed to inferior epoxy paint which only contains a bit of epoxy mixed in. Epoxy bonds directly to the concrete flooring and is a surface itself, not just paint on a surface.

Epoxy is a topical sealer which actually makes it anti-dust. Much of garage dust comes from the concrete surface, a fine concrete powder that continually sheds. So not only will your garage look shiny and amazing, it will keep so much cleaner! No more dust covering cars and tools or being walked into your home.

In the end it’s obvious to us why DIY epoxy is not better than professional Epoxy painters. We advise if you decide to go ahead with DIY epoxy to make sure you get the right product not epoxy paint. Remember its a surface application that bonds to concrete not a painting the concrete. You are not simply painting the floor, you are installing a new surface that if done correctly will look amazing and last decades. Invest where it counts and get a professional to install epoxy on your garage floor.

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