Choosing The Right Colours For Queensland Homes.

Queenslander Houses are a type of house that is styled from popular architectural themes from but not limited to the Victorian, Colonial and Federation times of Australia. Most commonly found in Queensland choosing the right colours for these houses can take time.
We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you find the colours you want for painting a Queenslander:

Be prepared

Before you think about painting, develop a basic understanding of what kind of colours you would like on your Queenslander. Coming into painting with an idea of what colours you would like can help immensely.

Start small

Order a sample pot from your nearest paint supplier and create a test patch on your house. This will help you visualize your colour scheme for your Queenslander home.  

Colour Consultants

Hiring a Colour Consultant can help in the painting process by guiding you through the colour choosing process and helping you develop a style that you will like.

Get Inspired

There are plenty of examples of Queensland Homes online for you to look at for inspiration and there are also plenty of colour schemes to look at online. Paint suppliers and Colour Consultants are just the starts for finding the right colours.
These are just some tips for picking colours, who knows, you might have a completely different method for choosing colours, but these are always great ways to start the colour picking journey. Have fun picking the right colour for your Queenslander.
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