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It can be a daunting task to make sure you choose the right paint colour when updating the exterior of your home. After all, it defines your home for at least 10 years or more. It is so important to paint your home the right colour. Tips for choosing the right paint colour come from our vast experience and knowledge of painting in Brisbane. We know all the trends and the next big trend in paint colours. It’s our business! At Qpaint we have over 40 years of experience in painting Brisbane homes and we understand how stressful paint choices can be for homeowners so we have put together these 5 tips to help you make the best paint colour choice. 

Tip number 1: What is the Architectural Style of Your Home?

Look to your home to give you the first tip on how to choose the best paint colour for the exterior. How has your house been designed? Is it federation style, a typical Queenslander, a modern coastal design or traditional? The architectural style plus your own aesthetics can guide you in the decision making. Federation homes have traditional paint colour schemes of deep reds, golds and warm creams. Coastal homes traditionally incorporate blues and whites and modern designed homes tend to be in darker hues of greys and black. 
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You do not need to paint the traditional architectural colours of your home’s style, it all depends on your own style. For example, give a Queenslander a more modern look with dark colours like black and grey.

Tip number 2: Use Exterior Paint to Create Dimension and Shape

Generally, more than one paint colour is chosen for a home’s exterior paint scheme, gutters and window frames often are a contrast colour, chosen to flatter the main paint colour. 

Think of your home in terms of a base, middle and top for single-storey and double-storey homes. It’s a straightforward way to arrange external colours and makes it easier. Accentuate the top which is the roof in a strong contrast colour. This will make the top visible, a cap for your home so to speak. A darker solid colour for the base of your home or block areas like a garage door and fascias/gutters. Choosing darker colour paint for the base of your home gives a grounded/solid feel.

Depending on the layout of your home sometimes a middle lighter colour can highlight the middle of the home. Think of painting the top floor of a double-storey in a light neutral white or for a single storey a section of the front exterior in white. This will give the home some dimensional shape and highlight its architecture or conversely give a plain design some architectural dimension. 

Tip number 3: Trends Change

Trends do change and can date a home, so it’s a good tip for any feature trend paint colour to be painted in accessible areas and easy to paint over. If you like a bright colour or on-trend colour maybe opt for your front door instead of the window trims. Front doors actually look amazing with a bright pop of accent colour. 

Professional exterior paint colour costs mean you cannot hire painters every year so it’s best to keep away from less traditional trends. Qpaint uses the best paint technology and makes sure the paint finish looks amazing plus lasts for over a decade at least. 

Tip 3: What is the Neighbourhood?

Before you look through design magazines or grabbing paint swatches take a look around your neighbourhood. Neighbourhoods have architectural designs and colour palettes. For instance, newer neighbourhoods with modern home designs tend to have neutrals, browns and greys. Whereas established coastal neighbourhoods have pastels, whites, and light neutrals. It will give you some ideas and a sense of how your home will look. 

Tip 5: What is the setting? 

Is your home coastal, urban, set in bushland or arid environments? Use the colour palette of your natural surroundings to influence your exterior paint selection. Beach houses often reflect the blues and neutrals of their coastal settings. And urban homes tend to have city influenced palettes like greys and black. 

Lastly – Get the Best House Painter in Brisbane 

After all is said and done though it’s your choice and your home so the best guide is your style and the personality you want your home to reflect. Qpaint can give you paint colour scheme options and advice for exterior painting to help you and our painters know their stuff. We have been painting Brisbane and Gold Coast homes for over 40 years and know what paint lasts well in the Queensland climate. So not only will your home look great it will last in our climate. We use paint technology to cool your home and reduce heat penetration, there is so much more to paint than just the colour choice! Choosing Qpaint as your house painter is the first step to getting the best exterior paint job! 

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