Your Guide to the 8 Hottest Interior Paint Colour Trends of 2024

pink nuetral

As we inch closer to 2024, interior paint colour trends are starting to take shape. Whether you’re planning to paint your walls, redecorate your home, or just curious about the aesthetics of the future, this guide has you covered.

The year 2024 promises a rich tapestry of hues, blending both vibrant and muted tones. Expect to see a surge in bold colours like neon pinks, playful aquas, and deep browns. But don’t rule out neutrals—these timeless favourites are getting a warm twist with shades of butter and blush becoming increasingly popular. One of the most intriguing aspects of the coming colour trends is their focus on personal resonance and mood.

1. The Timeless Appeal of Blue


Blue, a perennial favourite, is making a powerful comeback, but with a fresher perspective. Expect to see lighter shades reminiscent of the sky and ocean, which give a sense of calm and tranquillity. These airy blues can fit into a variety of settings—be it a cosy bedroom or a modern living room. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, keep an eye out for vibrant teal and aqua shades that bring both depth and playfulness to spaces.

Playful aquas are expected to make a splash in the coming year. These shades, which sit comfortably between blue and green, evoke feelings of relaxation and can be particularly soothing. Consider these for bathrooms or outdoor spaces for a refreshing vibe.

2. Neutrals with a Warm Twist


Neutrals are the chameleons of the colour world—versatile and timeless. In 2024, these easygoing shades are leaning into the warmer end of the spectrum. Imagine buttery yellows and blush pinks replacing stark whites and cool greys. These colours provide a perfect backdrop for bold accents and furnishings. We expect these warm neutrals to be very popular with our customers this year when booking their houses to be painted for the whole interior. Especially if you are looking to add value to your home and increase its value when selling in Brisbane’s real estate market.

3. Earthy Browns Take the Floor

brown rich

Rich, deep browns will be a go-to for those looking to add a touch of elegance and grounding to their homes. Brown’s work well in living rooms and studies, often complemented by lighter neutrals or even metallic accents.

4. Versatile Purples: A Shade for Every Mood


Purple has always been a colour that intrigues and inspires. As we enter 2024, expect this royal hue to grace many a palette in various shades—from deeper, more majestic purples to lighter, whimsical lilacs. These colours not only blend well with existing tones like pinks, blues, and greens but also stand out on their own, providing both depth and vibrance to spaces. Whether you want to make a bold statement or add a pop of colour, purples offer a range of options to choose from.

5. Pinks and Reds: Nostalgia Meets Optimism

pink red

Think pink but think big. In 2024, pinks aren’t just for nurseries or feminine spaces—they’re for everyone and every room. From brighter, more vivacious shades to softer blushes, pinks are predicted to be all the rage. And let’s not forget about reds; they’re making a comeback too, especially in earthier tones like terracotta. These shades offer both nostalgia and a sense of optimism, making them perfect for those looking to inject some energy into their homes. Bold and unabashed, neon pinks are predicted to take centre stage in 2024. These aren’t your subdued, pastel pinks but rather lively hues that can energise any space. Pair these with neutral or dark shades to create a balanced yet edgy look. We have never booked an interior paint job for a full house in neon pink but we can see this paint colour being amazing for a feature wall in a shop or cafe and even a powder room for a unique but on-trend look!

6. Sunshine Hues: A Focus on Yellows and Oranges

yello bedrrom

If you’re someone who leans towards colours that instantly uplift your spirits, you’re in luck. Yellows and oranges are expected to become the go-to “happy colours” of 2024. Radiant and invigorating, these hues are perfect for creating a space that’s both inviting and captivating. They shine especially bright when incorporated with textiles or even gardens, making them versatile interior and exterior design options.

7. Greens that Ground You: Nature-Inspired Tones


Green is another colour that’s expected to continue its reign in 2024. Inspired by nature, shades of green—whether muted or deep—evoke a sense of calm and comfort. These earthy tones are perfect for spaces where you want to feel grounded, be it your home office or a cosy reading nook. From mid-tone shades to deeper, more sophisticated hues, greens provide a refreshing yet elegant touch.

8. Embracing the Dark: Balance Through High Contrast


While bright and vibrant colours are certainly having their moment, darker shades aren’t going anywhere either. Expect to see rich colours like deep browns, navies, and forest greens offering a counterbalance to the lighter, brighter hues. These darker shades add an element of luxury and sophistication to spaces and work exceptionally well in high-contrast settings.

Wrapping It Up: The Colourful Canvas of 2024

pink nuetral

The colour trends for 2024 are shaping up to be a dynamic mix of hues that offer something for everyone. From the audacity of bold colours to the serenity of softer tones, there’s a wide palette to explore and make your own. As you contemplate your colour choices for the coming year, remember that the ultimate goal is to create a space that resonates with you, enriching both your environment and your emotional well-being.

The increased interest in warmer neutrals also has a practical reason: lighting. As more homes shift to energy-efficient LED lighting, which tends to have a cooler colour temperature, warmer shades of neutral can counterbalance the space, offering a cosier and more inviting atmosphere.

The tapestry of colours expected to trend in 2024 is both diverse and harmonious, offering a myriad of possibilities for personal expression. From bold and bright blues to versatile purples, optimistic pinks, and grounding greens—each colour serves a unique purpose in enriching our spaces and lives. Don’t overlook the dark, rich tones and the warming neutrals either, as they provide the perfect counterbalance and foundation, respectively.

So, whether you’re planning a total room makeover or simply want to update a few elements, there’s a hue for you in the upcoming year’s palette. Get ready to express yourself like never before! Our team at Qpaint can help guide you through the paint colour trends of 2024 and help you decide on paint colours. Plus we offer a colour consult service should you want more help. 

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