The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Home

Paint Your Home Merry

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…time to paint your home! With 2019 coming to a close and Christmas and New Years fast approaching now is the time to lock-in and book a house painter for the holiday paint projects that need doing! We start to book up quickly for painting services at this time of year so contact us asap to secure your spot! 

During the holiday season, it’s common for people to catch up on the projects they have been thinking about all year. Sometimes our clients want their jobs finished in time for hosting family and friends over for Christmas dinner, other times it’s completing the work over the New Year period. 

So put your home on the ‘nice list’ and give it a gift you can enjoy for years to come!

Here are some gift ideas;

Feature/Accent Wall

This is a fantastic way to makeover any space in your home. Adding a fresh colour to a single wall or hallway will change the interior feel of the room, and gives you a base to change up the colour palette of the furnishings in the room. Our painters are experts in prep work which is vital to any interior painting, but especially to feature walls. You can DIY a feature wall but any slight mistake in cutting in or paintbrush strokes will stand out. That’s why it can work out cheaper for a professional painter to do the work and it will always be quicker than any DIY. 

Why not paint a few feature walls, some popular colours for 2020 as listed by Dulux (we are Dulux accredited painters) are beautiful muted nature colours inspired from lush greens, rainy greys and driftwood browns. These types of natural colours painted on feature walls bring not only a fresh look but a calming vibe. Perfect for painting walls in bedrooms, bathrooms and lounge rooms. And then you can add more dimension to the interior makeover with new furnishings like pillows and linen. What a great way to bring cheer in the holiday season!

Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy is a garage flooring solution that looks great and is extremely durable. It is becoming more popular as people are starting to use their garages for multi-purposes not just as car parks. For example, putting in a work out space or home gym in your garage over the Christmas holidays or just making your garage look better and have the potential for more than just one use. DIY epoxy garage floor must be a popular google search term because our clients always tell us they looked at DIY options first. But as we advise them – getting a professional to do the job means a better finish and look. Plus it is not an expensive project. 

It’s a great time to get Epoxy flooring over the New Year and Christmas as often people have time off work and can clean out their garage ready for the job. It is a simple and quick job for our experienced painters and Epoxy floors take little time to dry. We recommend 3 days for the best result.

Timber Deck Staining or Restoration

Are you planning on hosting some Christmas or New Year celebrations at your house? Call us now to book in before the holidays season and get your deck holiday-ready with a fresh stain or restoration work. Don’t leave it too late, it’s the prep work that takes the longest for deck staining and these last few weekends before Christmas start to get very busy people. You will find yourself busy enough without having to add deck sanding to your list. Take some stress off by getting in the professionals! We will get it done fast and make sure it’s perfect. 

The stain needs time to dry so make sure you get it done at least a few days before any parties. We book up quickly in December for these types of deck restoration jobs so secure your booking now.

Interior House Painting

Perhaps it’s more than just a feature wall your home needs, has it been a long time since your home was painted? Are your walls covered in grime and yellowing or flaky paint? Or do you want to renovate your home with a fresh coat of paint? Book a house painter now and get the interior of your home painted whilst you holiday over the New Year. 

Qpaint has operated in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for over 40 years and we are a trusted company. You can rely on us to look after your home and get the paint job done beautifully and on time! Relax on holiday whilst we paint your whole home. And we can keep you updated as much or as little as you like! 

It’s so much easier to have your home painted when you and your family do not have to be living in it. For our painters, we do not mind either way, but it is hard, especially with children for homeowners to live in the home during a big paint job. So why not call us and get a free in-home quote for interior painting and we can discuss your options. One of our senior painters will come to your home for the quote, so you can get all the advice and assurance you need! 

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Complete the home renovations you have been thinking about all year or putting off all year! Get them finished in time for Christmas and give your home and yourself the best gift this Christmas. 

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