Can Cladding be Painted?

Can you paint cladding and should you paint cladding? If your home’s exterior is cladding and it needs some sprucing up maybe it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. Typically exterior cladding deteriorates over time. We have painted many homes were vinyl cladding was used because it is a low maintenance product compared to timber. But eventually most people we know end up painting it because it either becomes faded looking and worn out or they want to make the colour scheme more modern. 

Weatherboard cladding needs proper attention and preparation before painting such as sanding etc and must be painted correctly to protect the timber. Other cladding can include rendering, stone veneer or even aluminium. At Qpaint we have a lot of experience in exterior house painting on all sorts of surfaces. So no matter the cladding material we can paint it!

Sometimes people opt for installing a vinyl cladding instead of house painting thinking it may be cheaper or save on future house painting costs, but be aware that often cladding will need a coat of paint eventually and is not a way of never painting the exterior. PVC or vinyl cladding will fade over time and need a coat of paint. Plus if your cladding is looking dated a fresh coat of paint gives your home a whole new look. 

The Right Painting Techniques for Cladding

It’s really important that the correct painting techniques and products are used on cladding. The paint works to protect the surface as well as the visual appeal. Protecting the outside of your home from environmental factors like heat and sun ensures the paint lasts longer and looks better. 

Cladding is often used on exteriors as a finishing material to protect the building, on the outside if homes here in Brisbane it’s usually a Timber cladding however over the last decade there has been a significant increase in Compressed Fibre Cement products and Renderl. Steel cladding is more often used on commercial buildings or office buildings. Every type of cladding needs specific painting products and skill sets, so it’s important to use an experienced painter like Qpaint to make sure you protect your asset. Painting the cladding will extend its life and keep it protected – so yes you can and should paint your cladding.

Each type of cladding requires a particular application and technique when being painted, it’s a painting job that really needs an experienced exterior house painter. If you use an application method that is not suitable to the substrate, you will more than likely be left with a finish that is not going to look any good and potentially not last and fail far sooner than it should. Costing you a lot more in the long run because of prematurely repainting it again.

Exterior paint jobs done correctly can increase the value of your home. 

Virtual Quote for House Painting

We can provide you with a virtual quote over the phone meaning we do not have to visit your property to provide a price for painting your home. See here for more info on virtual quotes.