Interior Design Colour Trends 2021

Dulux has released their 2021 Colour Forecast, an annual look at the interior trends influencing design and paint colours for the upcoming year. Qpaint has a strong partnership with Dulux and we can offer the latest paint colours released by Dulux. Looking ahead to 2021 interior house design trends Dulux is offering soothing colours influenced by natural tones interwoven with greens, mauve- greys, earthy-neutrals and soothing blues. The three colour palettes released by Dulux for 2021 are Retreat, Nourish and Reset.

2021 Paint Colour Pallette

The Dulux colour palette for 2021 takes from the paint colours below that are trending across the interior design world for 2021.

  • Natural stone
  • Clay
  • Cashmere
  • Olive
  • Terrazzo
  • Snow
  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Lush rainforest greens
  • Plum
  • Mauve-greys
  • Muted greens
  • Coral
  • Stormy blues

The world has experienced disruption and uncertainty which shows itself in the design trends. 2021 colours bring a sense of calm and connection with nature into our homes. Dulux has designed a colour palette to reflect the sense of security and calm people feel in their homes.

Dulux Retreat Palette – Warm whites, brown neutrals and dusty blues. This palette is tranquil and peaceful. Use this for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Dulux Nourish Pallette – The Dulux Nourish palette comprises nature tones of mossy and sage greens with leather browns. Muted browns like olives and ochre tie this palette together. This palette is suited to main living areas.

Dulux Reset Palette – The Reset palette takes some inspiration from the 70’s with bold colours like electric red, pinks, terracottas, rich blues and corals. This palette is amazing for unique touches on spaces, like bedrooms and living areas.

How to Design a Colour Palette for Painting Your Home

Whether you are painting the entirety of your home or just some rooms designing a paint scheme should be given some thought. This is why paint companies like Dulux put together palettes and in doing so take away the guesswork for people not in the design field. So for people with no experience in design or needing inspiration looking at these palettes gives you the paints that work together and often go with the latest furniture designs. Which means if you are renovating including furniture you can be sure to get the best result.

House painting in Brisbane sees our painters completing many different paint styles, from exterior house painting to interior painting. We also offer a colour consult service to help with design. We recommend using swatches or paint colours taped/painted to your wall so over the course of a few days you can see how the different light can change the paint colour.

How Much Does It Cost for Professional Interior Painter in Brisbane?

We offer interior painting from ONLY $39/m2. As we have been running our family owned and operated company for over 40 years on Brisbane and the Gold Coast we know how to get the best result at affordable prices. Interior painting will transform the look of your home. Whether you are getting your home ready to sell and want the best sale price – painting is the most cost-effective way to raise the value of your home. Or renovating for your own style then speak to our team for advice, clear quotes/pricing and timeframes.

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