Broadway Chapel Testimonial:

“We’ve been working with QPaint for twelve years now.  We’ve got various and unique properties like this Chapel building. The Chapel is now 135 years old and it was time to repaint the interior as part of reinvention. We contacted QPaint and as a part of the process. The team decided to seal the VJs in the roof. We want to redo the roof and the colors to take us through the whole process.

Having a window of opportunity between two to three weddings is a unique thing about running a wedding chapel. QPaint works with us very closely to actually the job was done on time and on budget. Their staff was brilliant, handy always helpful. They stuck around and worked very closely with us around commitments we had to the wedding industry.

QPaint even painted the outside of the building. It’s effective and fantastic. I strongly recommend QPaint for unique, large and any type of job.”