Should I Paint My Roof White?

A news article recently stated that scientists in the US have developed a paint they classify as ‘whiter than the whitest paint currently available.’ And tests show this ultra-white paint reflected 98% of sunlight. Which the scientists hope could save on energy consumption and climate change. Cool roof technology is emerging as a way of saving energy and helping the climate. 

The paint though is not currently available for public sale. But we often get asked by our customers if painting their roof white reduces heat. Especially in our sunny state of Queensland, this is top of people’s minds when thinking about repainting the roof. Painting roofs white is more than just the paint colour though it’s about the type of paint technology.

Roof Paint to Reduce the Heat

Qpaint uses heat reduction roof paint and it does not have to be white paint to work. So if you like a dark roof you can keep it. Solar reflective paint can save up to 60% of your heating and cooling. We use a heat reflective membrane paint which eliminates 90% of infrared reds and 85% of ultraviolet rays. 

This translates to real day to day impacts, for example, our customers tell us that after their roof has been painted by us they can switch off their air conditioner! In turn, giving them savings on their energy bills. 

We recommend businesses, schools and government buildings get their roof painted with this heat reduction paint. These buildings usually have quite a large roof and with heat, reduction paint can get big savings on energy bills. So the outlay of booking a roof painting job with us is recouped every time the bills come in less than before. Even if you find the air conditioner can’t be totally switched off, it will be able to be adjusted, reducing the bills. 

Does it Matter What Type of Roof?

We can paint any type of roof with our heat reduction roof paint. From a typical Queenslanders corrugated iron roof to terracotta tiles and large scale commercial roofs. Our expert painters can advise you on the paint and costs. Our quotes include the total cost with no hidden charges and the timeframe, including guaranteed start & finish dates. 

Should I Paint My Roof White?

How Does the Paint Work?

The heat reflective membrane stops the heat penetration into a structure. Remember it stops 90% of infrared and 85% of ultraviolet light rays. These rays cause solar heat transfer by building up the heat in the roofing system and to some extent the external walls. As the heat builds it transfers to the interior of the building causing the internal temp to rise. Which makes us switch on or turn up the air conditioner. Roof insulation such as batts and foam slow down the heat transfer but our heat reflective membrane blocks infrared and ultraviolet rays, effectively blocking the heat at the source and stopping the build-up. It is activated by the sun’s rays – solar radiation – and it stops the heat transfer process. 

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Benefits of Heat Reduction Paint

  • Cool roof paint technology reduces cooling costs by 20% to 40% (Comparative studies)
  • Improve worker comfort in buildings that cannot have effective air conditioning like factories, warehouses and workshops. 
  • Improve the quality of storage goods through stable temperatures with heat reflective paint for warehouses etc
  • Lower the carbon footprint with less energy use and reduced power consumption
  • Reduces reflection of both visible (ultraviolet) and invisible heat (infrared). 
Should I Paint My Roof White?

Contact our team and ask any questions you have about this amazing paint technology. Or call to book in a quote. We will come out and provide a detailed quote with guaranteed timeframes – and the entire quote process is of course free. We have been painting homes and roofs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for over 40 years. Our experience and quality but most importantly our customer trust cannot be beaten!

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