Hamptons Style Interior and Paint Colours

Hampton-style interiors are normally fresh, light, and bright. They deliver a coastal vibe that makes homeowners feel relaxed. Often associated with beachside living, Hamptons interior design suits the Gold Coast and Brisbane perfectly. The modern simplicity and natural colours make it a popular choice and suitable for many homes. 

The style resembles the French interior design and style known as Empire, Baroque, and Rococo. Because of the similar concept of simplicity in patterns and design. The Hampton homes are inviting and classic with an attractive palette of pale blue, soft grey, and white on white.

Evolved with time from the luxury New York region to the relaxed feeling in Australian living. The best way to achieve the Hamptons style is by choosing the right colours, furnishings, and textures.

What paint colours help achieve the Hamptons Style?

Some of the common colours to achieve the relaxing Hamptons style interiors are yellow, neutrals, whites, and greens. You need to blend coastal blue with warm neutral colours. Another classic approach would be layering the different blue shades from baby blue to navy. Other colours include duck egg blue and mint green, pale lilacs, pastel blues, and cool grey.

More colours help achieve this classic look; you can pair cream with black accents or all black with bronze and white accents. Look for natural materials to deliver warmness, such as black timber and laid stone floors. The picture frame-like profiles, when painted in white, oozes character and definition for your home. A classic Hamptons staircase is painted white with dark painted trims and steads.

Hamptons Style Interior and Paint Colours

What is the Hamptons colour palette? 

The colour palette for the interiors will include greens, neutral grey, soft blues, stone, and whites to achieve a warmer outlook. When using a feature colour, layer all the accessories followed by texture to complement the subtle colours when decorating.

Some of the Hamptons palettes include green, blue, and soft grey as the main colour. You can use bright white for the ceilings, doors, windows, architraves, and skirting. When you use white with a warmish undertone, you will achieve a softer overall look. It is easier to notice the Hamptons style because of its architectural trims on the dark floors, window frames, wall mouldings, and high skirting.

Exterior paint colours for Hamptons design look

Try the soft grey palette and earthy tans and beiges. Use a tonal white for half the windows, architraves, and doors. For the soft furnishings, experts prefer using blue or any other neutral tones. When looking for furniture, go for a coastal style like timber sunbeds and cane lounges.

For your garden, go for fresh greenery and white flowers; it will help achieve a symmetrical and formal look. The finishing look is vital; go for simple and attractive features such as neutral lines, glass hurricane lamps, and fresh flowers.

The best and affordable way to achieve such a look is by using Qpaint expert painters for the job, we can help you achieve the perfect Hamptons style home in Queensland!