Why Try Roof Washing?

In life, we tend to value stuff especially things that matter to us the most. That’s why we try to protect them as much as we can like the time where we got an insurance for our car or house.

And, having grown up in Brisbane, one of the most important things we need to protect are the houses and properties we own because they do not only house our families but also countless memories and our dreams. They house our first baby steps, our first home as a couple or our first investment property.

But, even though we clean them regularly, we tend to overlook one of the most important things: the roof.

Yes, even the roof needs some loving sometimes and if your roof has turned into a grungy green or mouldy black it may be the time to consider roof washing or restoration.

Roof washing will make your roof look clean and lively again and remove those icky dark spots caused by algae that makes it look like a horror house.

An uncleaned roof could devalue your property so it’s a good idea to clean off your roof when you’re trying to sell your house or buyers tend to undervalue it if it looks grotty or unwelcoming.

The icky black growth on your roof does not only make your house look like it’s from the 1920’s but also makes it as brittle as something that came out of the good old 20’s because it eats away on the organic parts. So if you’d like to make that roof over your head last longer you should try roof washing to clear them out and give your roof a longer life.

Another reason to try roof washing is that it helps to remove the moss and algae that absorb a lot of heat which in turn causes your home to be a little hotter. This could also save you a lot on those aircon bills.

If you want a more beautiful, longer lasting, and efficient roof then give it a good old clean by high pressure washing it. Because it’s not only the roof’s worth protecting but also those under it.

If you would like more information on how or the best way to keep your roof looking great, feel free to contact us anytime.